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Calvary Lutheran COVID-19 response

Calvary Lutheran Church is committed to sharing the Gospel of life and salvation won for us by Jesus Christ with our community and neighbors. We remember and celebrate this new life and God's graciousness with regular weekly worship. We are motivated by God's love for us shown in the cross of Christ to reflect that love and care amongst ourselves and our neighbors. In this time of global pandemic we recognize that how we react to the COVID-19 crisis is one way in which we reflect Christ's love for others.

Throughout this pandemic our response has changed as the situation has changed. In March 2020 we suspended in-person worship and resumed in June 2020 with assigned seating and masks. In May 2021 we were able to drop the mask requirement for those who are vaccinated, and no longer required a reservation or assigned seat for worship. Currently, we encourage all people to receive a vaccination against COVID-19, for their own protection and the protection of others. In addition, if you are not vaccinated, please wear a mask as you worship. If you are vaccinated, please consider wearing a mask in accordance with guidance from the State of New Jersey and the CDC.

As the pandemic continues we have been and will adapt to the changing realities. As of May 23, 2021 we do not have any requirements to reserve a seat for worship or any attendance caps. Online services will continue to be posted to Facebook and YouTube for the time being; if you would like to receive a printed sermon in the mail to use as part of your devotional practice please contact the Church with your mailing information.

Praise be to God from whom all blessings flow who showers us in his mercy and grace in all times, even in sickness as in health, in poverty as in richness. We thank our Lord for his protection in this pandemic and in returning to worship safely.

  • When you attend please wear your mask to show respect for others, and others will do the same to show you respect

  • Please use the hand sanitizer that is provided in the lobby/narthex

  • The sanctuary and highly-touched surfaces will be sanitized after each worship service

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